"We would highly recommend Gibson Service Company. John's creativity and problem solving ideas turned the land behind our house from an eye sore to a beautiful landscape that is a tranquil and relaxing place to spend time with our family and friends. He not only cleared and leveled the land but also built a retaining wall down the back steps of our patio and a beautiful bridge across our small creek.


John is responsible and punctual and he and his team are dedicated and professional, and are not interested in doing something simply so they can over charge for it. Instead, John will work carefully with you, and together you decide on the best approach for your project.


Again, we greatly appreciate the excellence of Gibson Service Company. The outstanding performance and wonderful reputation of this company will make it skyrocket for years to come!"

-Michael and Debbi Akins

"Recently, we employed Gibson Service Company to clear off and reconstruct our terribly overgrown, swampy pond. Since this company has done other projects for us in the past, we anticipated a great result and once again, John and his crew have far exceeded our expectations! They took the eyesore of our property and masterfully created an area that our family can now enjoy. Not only did they stay on schedule and within our budget, they were wonderful to deal with and took pride in their work. It is obvious that precise planning went into our project as our new pond is structurally sound and is also aesthetically beautiful. I am also thrilled by the added property value Gibson Service Company has given to our home.


As I mentioned, we have used this company for various other projects at our home. These include new construction of our driveway which is 900+ feet in length, and complete installation of our 30x40 insulated metal building on a concrete slab. All projects have been completed given the same experience as I’ve described above. I would absolutely recommend this company for any of your construction needs."


-Michelle Henry

"After viewing this amazing website and looking through the numerous photos of the wonderful work produced, I felt compelled to give a testimonial of my personal experience with Mr. Gibson and this company.  I have used Gibson Service Company  on several different projects around my home from August 2002 until this latest job was completed November 2010 and just wanted to express what an amazing job they have done past and present.  From the initial quote of the project to the end result of seeing my vision worked out while keeping my budget in check has made our family completely satisfied with the final product each and every time.  Whether it is starting or completing the job on schedule, cleaning up the job site or answering numerous questions throughout the process not only Mr. Gibson, but his employees as well have exceeded all expectations.


We have in the past and will continue in the future to let Gibson Service Company perform our projects large and small when the time comes.  If you are looking for a “small town” values company with “big city” ideas and equipment I suggest you give them a call."

-Micah Lowe


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